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The Ontario Brain Injury Association (OBIA) and Brain Changes Initiative (BCI) are hosting a Complimentary Distinguished Speaker’s Webinar Series created for front line health care workers and professionals in the field of brain injury.

In 2013, Dr. Matthew Galati, a medical student at the time, suffered a severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in a motor vehicle accident. Refusing to accept ill fate, he researched how best to heal and created his own recovery protocol based on revolutionary new science around a brain supporting lifestyle. Against all odds, he recovered fully to complete his medical training and has come full circle as a physician. After finishing his residency training in Family Medicine in 2018, Dr. Galati completed a fellowship in Environmental Medicine which has a strong focus on Functional/Integrative Medicine. As of 2019, Dr. Galati has his own Family Medicine practice with the East GTA Family Health Team and he is also a Hospitalist at rehabilitation hospital, Runnymede Healthcare Centre. In addition to working as a physician, Dr. Galati is the clinical lead for research, being carried out at Toronto Rehab Institute, which is centred around 2 of the pillars he used during his own recovery (intensive physical and cognitive exercise). In 2019, Dr. Galati founded the not for profit organization, Brain Changes Initiative, to fund this ground breaking research being carried out at Toronto Rehab and to provide education, awareness & support for TBI survivors and their families.

NOTE: The time listed for the webinar is EASTERN STANDARD TIME. 

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