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​Concussions have been a hot topic for a number of years in various fields. This special, full-day event is where cutting-edge research and legal advancements come together. Clinicians address scientific developments on the spectrum of concussion disorders and its diverse physical and cognitive symptoms. Personal injury lawyers and insurance representatives discuss the impact of these new findings on recent case law and damages awards, while judges give their invaluable perspectives from the bench about concussion claims. And you won’t want to miss former Chief Justice Roy McMurtry in conversation with Ken Dryden about concussions in the law today. For those who work in the area of personal injury, insurance, sports law, workers’ compensation, or in any of the many related practice areas, this symposium is a must.

  • Learn about concussion mechanisms, diagnosis, and treatment
  • Hear about the short- and long-term consequences of concussions, including impact on return to work
  • Understand both plaintiff and defendant viewpoints when litigating concussion cases
  • Define your client’s communication needs and considerations for concussion-related health effects
  • Identify issues relating to workers’ and insurance compensation for your client
  • Recognize the important factors when presenting a concussion case in court

Presented By: Canadian Concussion Centre, Toronto Western Hospital, in partnership with the Law Society of Ontario