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Listen to other survivors and caregivers share their stories. Select a playlist to watch from the thumbnails below or select a topic from the side bar menu. 

The BCBIA wants to thank the courageous individuals for opening up and sharing their tough but wonderful story with everyone. Listen to how far each one of them persevere from day one.

The Journey Forward

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The path to recovery from a brain injury can be complex and unclear. No two brain injuries are the same - no two people face the same physical or mental challenges.

Educational Videos

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Learn about the anatomy of the human brain, Canadian statistics related to brain injury, the medical facts about brain injury as well as tips for recovery as discussed by medical experts.

Prevention and Playing Safe

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Doctors, professional athletes and coaches, health care professionals and brain injury survivors all emphasize the importance of taking precautions to prevent head injuries as they can permanently change your life.

Jim’s Story

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Stroke survivor Jim Sibley shares his story of recovery, speaks about the importance of persistence during the recovery process and emphasizes the integral role support groups and friend and family play in the lives of survivors.

Leonard’s Story

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Leonard Regan describes how a car accident left him with a brain injury. He describes the needs of survivors, offers advice to their friends and family and speaks about how to evolve beyond your injury.

John’s Story

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Stroke survivor John Baker shares his story of recovery. He speaks about accepting the new reality of his life after his stroke, talks about tough love, healing with humour and shares his ideas on how to evolve beyond brain injury.

Anh’s Story

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Anh Ly shares her remarkable story of recovery from her brain injury, suffered as a result of drug addiction.

Hong’s Story

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Brain injury survivor Hong Nguyen shares her story of life after brain injury. She emphasizes the importance of living in the moment and taking recovery day by day.

Gus’ Story

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Gus Thorne offers a vivid portrayal of how a motorcycle accident left him blind and brain injured.

Susan’s Story

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Brain injury survivor Susan Van Gurp shares the story of how her life was touched by brain injury, how she manages to cope with the impact of the injury in her daily life and she offers advice to fellow survivors.