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Time to Get Honest About Being Disabled

David A. Grant
Published Date: 
18 November 2014
Disabled Magazine
Original article: 

Coming to grips with having a disability has taken me many years. Unlike many who have had challenges from the start, the first forty-nine years of my life were spend living without a disability. In one respect, this has made accepting my new life more difficult. I have something to compare it to.

A few weeks ago, I shared with my wife Sarah that I am getting tired of pretending. I often go to superhuman lengths to “appear” uninjured, struggling to speak, using precious and limited energy to make sure that I walk a straight line when vertigo strikes, working hard to do all I can to show the world that I am as uninjured as I look.

Trying to be who I was and trying to not let my disabilities be noticed denies who and what I am. And that, kids, is a lot of work.


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