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Obama announces aid initiative to help wounded veterans

Zachary A. Goldfarb
Published Date: 
10 August 2013
The Washington Post
Original article: 

ORLANDO — President Obama on Saturday announced an initiative to help treat veterans with brain injuries and mental-health conditions, as he and first lady Michelle Obama paid tribute to disabled veterans before departing on their summer holiday.

Speaking to the annual conference of Disabled American Veterans, which represents 1.2 million people nationwide, Obama announced a $100 million grant to research centers, led by the University of Texas at San Antonio and Virginia Commonwealth University, dedicated to treating brain injuries and mental-health issues<, particularly post-traumatic stress disorder<.

He also said his administration would launch an effort to share research among the numerous federal agencies studying and providing treatment to veterans with neurological problems.

Brain injury and disease are among the enduring legacies of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, with significant numbers of veterans suffering post-traumatic stress disorder. In addition, the suicide rate among veterans has soared over the past decade.


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