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The Write Hemisphere


The following is a series of podcasts titled, The Write Hemisphere, by Greg Goldberg. The series will feature a new episode each week based on the diary that Greg kept after he suffered a traumatic brain injury, and throughout his path to recovery.

Greg GolbergGreg Goldberg is a Brain Injury Survivor, Inspirational Speaker and author. After suffering a car crash in 1998, Greg spent nearly a month in a coma, followed by a long journey of recovery. Life became fraught with challenges; initially struggling with impulsiveness, bouts of anger and fatigue. However, as the year’s progressed, Greg learned to adapt to his limitations and become proactive in managing and structuring his life so he can enjoy it to the fullest. Today, Greg is upbeat, cheerful and full of zest for life. He uses is experience of living with a brain injury to fuel his compassion and passion to help others with similar experiences. Greg currently volunteers with the Victoria Literacy Program teaching adults how to read. In addition, a portion of proceeds from the sales of his book “The Organ of Intelligence” go to Brain Injury associations and support group across Canada.

Message from Greg:

The Write Hemisphere is about delving into those places where other memoirs never go. It is about the things that happen between a troubled marriage, a dismantling professional life, lost friendships and the loss of one-self. It is about the things that a head injury survivor thought about as he lie in bed recovering from a traumatic brain injury. From his daydreams about what his life will be like to his newfound plans for the future. You will be surprised with how the extreme size of hope is whittled to tininess and then quickly built up again with every passing day and in the months to come.

Because I personally want to share the truth about life after head injury, sometimes brutal honesty will ensue. For newly diagnosed patients reading these unflinching diary entries about the pain and other challenges of a head injury, it may be difficult. However, head injury survivors have to experience emotional and physical sensations on their own to realize how much their lives have changed. My goal was to be real and tell all, from the grittiest moments to the diminutive joys. Within these diaries are things that actually happened during my recovery. As unbelievable as they may seem they really did happen. From intoxicated courier drivers to far out and foreign limousine chauffeurs to bizarre teaching antics, you are not protected from how painful and difficult and even entertaining it is to live with a head injury. And of course, within these diaries will also be the things that many doctors never tell you about because they have no idea.


Episode #1: An intro from Greg Goldberg

Greg will never remember June 1, 1998 but unfortunately his wife family and friends will. Listen to Greg’s wife Jennifer gives an emotional description of what she recalls that horrific day.


Episode #2: The Accident and Rehab

Waking up at The Rehabilitation Institute of Toronto after being in coma and his life in question at Sunnybrooke ICU, Greg describes his experience with the reality and the hard work that rehabilitation requires.


Episode #3: Reaching out for a Helping Hand

Greg agrees to get an aid to help him with his balance in the shower much to Jennifer’s liking. Some special treats are brought in when his dad visits.


Episode #4: Enjoying the Perfect Drive

A very lazy aid is hired to help Greg with his new surroundings and responsibilities. Can it be possible that this new assistant sleeps more than the man he is taking care of?



Episode #5: A Change in Balance

Now taking care of himself until mid-day, Greg realizes that he must learn to accept the new physical and cognitive limitations that he did not have prior to his injury. 



Episode #6: Three On, Two Out

Looking back on the highlights of his athletic career, a new type of inspiration is found. 


Episode #7: The Gift of Brenda

Speech Therapy required hard work and devotion. But thanks to a wonderful therapist the road to regaining his speech again was walked with confidence.

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