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Healing Brain


Watch the Dr. Jennifer Yao talk about the various stages of recovery from both stroke and traumatic brain injury in the videos below.

Stroke Recovery
In this video, find out what may happen during the initial recovery stage. Learn about neural plasticity and the difference there may be in the speed of motor versus speech recovery

Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery
In this video, learn about recovery during the acute and rehabilitation stages of injury.  Find out more about compensatory strategies as well as how families can support their loved ones during recovery.



Dr. Jennifer Yao, MD, FRCPC

Dr. Jennifer Yao graduated from UBC Medical School in 1997 and completed her specialist training in 2002 with the UBC Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. She is a UBC Clinical Assistant Professor and works on the Acquired Brain Injury Program and the Adolescent Young Adult Program at GF Strong Rehab Centre. Dr. Yao also serves as a consulting physiatrist at Vancouver Hospital.

Dr. Yao has a strong interest in medical education and is currently pursuing a Masters in Medical Education through the University of Dundee. Her clinical and research interests include stroke and brain injury rehabilitation and cancer rehabilitation. She is an active member of the Canadian Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

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