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Getting on With Your Life


Now that you are at home you may feel as though you are on your own and ask yourself, “Is that all there is"?

Life does not stop after a brain injury but it changes. For some of you, those changes may be huge. You still have a life to live.  The challenge is to live your life to the fullest despite some of the obstacles you may still encounter. We all want to live a life that is fulfilling; a life that has meaning and purpose. This can’t happen by sitting at home doing nothing.  If you do this, your health and abilities will get worse and you will be unhappy.

The good news is that your recovery can continue for years to come. It may be in small steps, but this  will add up over the months and years as you re-build your life. You will discover a new sense of self. The effort and commitment that this requires on your part is well worth it, after all it is your life.

Find a buddy or supporter

It helps to have someone on your side, a buddy, who can work along with you. A buddy could be a friend, family member, support group or caregiver. It’s your choice.

If you need help to find a buddy your local brain injury association may be able to connect you with someone.

 Use your buddy to talk over your ideas, to keep you on track and to problem solve when you get stuck.

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