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Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury

October 4, 2017

GF Strong Rehab Centre
Social Services Seminar Room (Room 189)
4255 Laurel St.

Understanding TBI

Is this for you? 
Everyone is welcome. This workshop is for survivors, families and friends who want to learn more about life after a traumatic brain injury. 

Is there a cost? 
No, this workshop is free for family and friends to attend. 

Do I have to register?
Registration is needed, we would like to know how many of your family members and friends will be joining us. Please let us know by calling 604-737-6221. 

Workshop description: 
This is a chance for survivors, families and friends to learn about how the brain works, brain injury and recovery. We also talk about life after a traumatic brain injury, including strategies to help and available resources. 

Workshop format:

  • This 3 hour education session is facilitated by a doctor and/or educator from the Acquired Brain Injury Program at the GF Strong Rehab Centre
  • It is open, informal and a chance to learn from others whose lives are changed by brain injury
  • Your concerns, questions and experiences guide the session 

What will I learn? You will learn about: 

  • the brain and how it works
  • the many changes that happen after a brain injury
  • practical rehabilitation strategies to help
  • life after brain injury, and resources to help you through your journey  

More questions?
For more information please call the GF Strong Educator at 604-737-6221.

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