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Published 26 January 2016 by Paula Baker on Global News

Concussions are the big monster that hangs around any kind of contact sport, and as the number of sports-related head trauma cases ticks up across North America, so does concussion research, prevention, and management. In fact it’s becoming a growing industry.

In B.C., research is...

Published 6 January 2014 by CBC News on CBC News

After a concussion, adolescents with the highest level of mental activities — such as reading, doing homework and playing video games — take the longest to recover, a new study suggests.

Adolescents engaged in the highest level of mental activities take about 100...

Published 30 August 2013 by Paul M. Barrett on www.businessweek.com

The National Football League’s $765 million concussion settlement< with thousands of former players contains several surprises. Let’s go to the...

Published 19 August 2013 by Robert Lee Hotz on The Wall Street Journal

The latest question for researchers studying the consequences of concussions isn't when student-athletes can safely get back in the game. It's how long to wait before they can return to class.

New research suggests concussion effects may linger weeks after symptoms of dizziness...

Published 1 August 2013 by Steve Mariotti on The Huffington Post

Recently, the city sold part of its citizen's birthright for $41 million< by granting a city-wide bike contract to an outside...

Published 25 July 2013 by Ken Belson on The New York Times

Youth football players are not more vulnerable to head hits in games if they take part in fewer contact drills during practices, a new study published in the Annals of Biomedical Engineering...

Published 23 July 2013 by Marijke Vroomen Durning on Forbes

The Canadian Medical Association Journal has issued new guidelines to help manage concussions and reduce the risk of second-impact symptom, which can be fatal. These guidelines follow on the heels of a study that showed recent National Hockey League rule changes did not reduce the...

Published 21 July 2013 by David DiSalvo on Forbes

Journalist and best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell is an outspoken advocate of banning college football on health grounds, and his appearance on CNN’s ‘GPS with...

Published 3 July 2013 by Daniel Schwartz on CBC News Health

While sports medicine has gained a deeper understanding of head injuries in recent years, protective headgear hasn't kept pace, and that is particularly true when it comes to bicycle helmets, experts in the field tell CBC News.

Bike helmets were designed to protect against...

Published 4 July 2013 by The Associated Press on The Province

LINCOLN, Neb. — If all goes according to Dennis Molfese’s plan, the day is coming when a football player who takes a hit to the head will come to the sideline, take off his helmet and slip on an electrode-covered mesh cap.

The team’s medical staff will analyze the...

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